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Friday, 28 November 2014

Tea at Madame Patisserie @ Boat Quay

76 Boat Quay #01-76, Singapore 049864
Tel: 6536 7028
Website: http://www.madamepatisserie.com/pastry

Nestled against the river bank along Singapore River lies a rather new patisserie spot, with its distinctive logo resembling that of Antoinette's. But besides the Queen's head against Tiffany blues backdrop, and serving delectable pastries, I believe that's where the similarities end.

Complete with casual, lounging type of furniture as well as a pretty lawn-type alfresco seating area (offering views of the famous river), Madame Patisserie's is famous for its three-tier high tea set, which was one of the reasons that drew me forth.

The interior is narrow but sleek, with its polished wooden-tiled floors and matching, timeless countertops. Colorful butterflies and pretty cake boxes also form part of the decor in this quaint little cafe perfect for a day of chilling out. The service crew is rather attentive and polite as well.

Asked where the delectable, exotic flavored pastries came from, I have a sneaking suspicion that they are all baked freshly from the bakery that one could see through these glass doors. There were green tea red-bean cakes, Lychee Martinis etc all vying for attention and tempting the diners to select them, each equally mouth-watering.

My only misgiving was this section filled with toys here.... are they for decor or to entertain the kids with while mommies-dearest enjoy a high tea catch-up session with her fellow mommy friends? They looked a  little out of place in this setting seeking to emulate a sophisticated, vintage Queenly ambience.

Anyway I couldn't care less, we just ordered because we were ravenous and it was the first meal of the day for us (at 2.00pm on a Saturday afternoon!)

Charliez had a Strawberry Milkshake (SGD7.00)

And I had a pot of tea that came with the high tea set - Red Berries Tea (SGD$9.00 U.P.) - a steamy pot of fruits-fragrance tea.

We shared the famous 3-tiered High Tea set (SGD$33.00) - comprising of an assortment of savoury items as well as desserts. The items were simple but delicious without being too overwhelming, the flavors succint in their miniature forms.

There was also a palette of different flavored jam and butter for the scones.

On close up, this was our tray of goodies.

The top tier was the scones - fluffy and solid without being rock hard, in fact the perfect texture with powdery hints. They were not too sweet, so went well on their own or paired with one of the many jams served - raspberry, strawberry, pineapple, butter etc.

Next, there were the Cheese Egg Mayo pastries - a very homely recipe done right - simple but tasty on soft pastry.

Then the Smoked Salmon Baguette - lightly flavored by the pickle slice it came with. Smoked salmon rarely, if never, go wrong for me, as long as it is not un-fresh.

Next to it was the Smoked Chicken Sandwich - another delicacy masked by the rich flavor of cream

The Cucumber Sandwich next to it was also creamed with cheese, making it a delightfully sweet and crisply-fresh dish

The Raspberry Cheesecake was soft and moist, with the rich flavor of raspberry bursting forth in the mouth once chewed.

The Vanilla Dome was another soft and moist creation, complete with the richness of vanilla's overture

We loved the Nutella Tart - crusty and vivid in its velvety chocolate's smoothness.

Lastly, the Lemon and Blueberry Crumble - a soft reminiscant of a muffin with well-developed flavors of citrus and berries all in one

We also shared a Duck Confit (SGD$19.90) - confit of duck leg with mango, pineapple, potato, tomato and green salad alongside roast potatoes. The roast potatoes was delicious with a charred hint and cooked in a sweet-ish sauce. The bits of mango and pineapples added flavor to the savoury dish. The Duck Confit was another matter altogether - unlike the typical duck confit with crispy skin and tender meat within, this dish resembled the Chinese's smoked duck during Lunar New Year. The redness of the flesh made us wonder if it was undercooked or frozen for too long - though the texture was relatively succulent and the taste was subtle.

Overall, this was a rather lovely place for tea in the afternoons, with lovely views and great music. I enjoyed the High tea set but not the main for sure, but then again that's because I've only tried one main course so far.

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Drinks at P.S. Cafe @ Dempsey Hill

28B Harding Road, Singapore 249549
Tel: 9070 8782

Having been to PS Cafe at Paragon before and not impressed with their overall food items, I am back at P.S. Cafe at Dempsey Hill for chilling out ironically. Read my review on previous experience here.

The one thing I really have to give credit to is the decor of all their outlets - dim, intimate, mysterious and lovely. It always gives a relaxing and romantic vibe, no matter which outlet, at which time of the day, and with whom.

Tonight *Joseph the friend and I shared a Sticky Date Pudding (SGD$12.90) - the one food item I was finally impressed by. The vanilla ice-cream was a plus point, but the sweet and sticky dessert itself was delicious. It was sweet but not toothache-inducing, and the date (fig?) flavor was strongly distinctive, giving the pastry a very lovely taste. The lemon custard sauce added a twist to the flavor.

I also had Rose and Berries Sangria (SGD$18.00) - frozen seasonal berries, rose buds and lemon wedges infused in rose wine with a dash of lemon soda - making this an utterly refreshing and tantalising drink. I love the combination simply, and the sweetness of it all was very soothing, perfect ladies' kind of drinks.

To add on, this was the Double Chocolate Blackout Cake (SGD$14.90) from my visit to PS Cafe at Palais Renaissance with *Sidney a couple of months back. He strongly recommended it, but I thought it was too sweet for my liking. The texture of the cake was in-your-face sticky and too wet; the richness of the chocolate was overwhelming, so much that even the scoop of vanilla and my Cappuccino (SGD$5.00) could not neutralise it. Both of us shared this, and left about half untouched.

Chilling out at The Wallich @ Anson House

72 Anson Road, Level One, Anson House, Singapore 079911
Tel: 6438 3151

Another night after work, another evening of hunting for a stress killer but tonight was more of a catching up session between us and a colleague from another department before he jets off for vacation.

The lady colleague suggested Wallich, just around the corner, and we acceded since it was already 8plus in the evening on a weekday night. Ever since Wallich's opened, I have not had a chance of visiting it anyway. Good location it was - one couldn't miss this pub facing the roadside, an open invite to passerbys looking to unwind.

Known to reminisce an older Singapore, complete with delicious bar grub and wide variety of drinks, I did not see anything that was "Singapore-like" in any manner. It was dim on the inside, with a long counter exhibiting the many bottles offered by Wallich, well-spaced tables and cosy relaxing ambience.

We chose to sit outdoors tonight for obvious reasons - and had the fortune of snagging one of the two barrel tables.  The service crew was warm and hospitable at all times - a lovely welcome for the corporate types after a long day of battling figures, pushing paper and meetings.

I had a Mojito (SGD14.00) - my signature drink these days. The mint was a little on the light side, but the drink was soothingly-concocted. It was also served in a pretty presentation.

The male colleague who was jetting off had a Virgin Mojito (SGD$10.00) - looking exactly like my drink minus the dash of rum.

The lady colleague had a Kilkenny (SGD$11.00) - refreshing and smooth choice for a warm night out.

I like this place; and will be back to have more drinks and try their food dishes as well.

Review on Krispy Creme doughnuts @ Collyer Quay

16 Collyer Quay #01-11 / 12 Income @ Raffles, Singapore 049318
Website: http://krispykreme.sg
Facebook: https://www.google.com.sg/?gws_rd=ssl#q=krispy+kreme

I remember having tried Krispy Kreme doughnuts many years back, when *Feith brought them over from the States for me. It had been slightly crispy in texture, and delicious despite being a tad sweet.

When Krispy Creme first came to Tangs Orchard, Singapore - the queue was a killer and that deterred me from buying my much-missed doughnuts. Yesterday, chance presented itself in the form of a Krispy Kreme outlet at Raffles Place itself, and the queue was short (like, 2-3 people in line?), hence I made a beeline for it.

I chose half a dozen for the family (working out to about 2 doughnuts each), and paid a whooping SGD$17.00.  I was cheered at the sight of the Christmas editions - snowflake and snowman etc, and selected one of each - one with strawberry fillings within and the other, chocolate fillings. I also selected an Iced Chocolate, 2 original flavors and a Blueberry one. There were many other enticing flavors as well.

A little sweet, yes, but its once in a while's indulgence. The fillings were generous, oozing out of the doughnuts. The best thing was the doughnut itself - not too soft, with hints of crisp on its taut texture. It was a lovely feeling, to chew on these delicacies, and I was glad I managed to get them.

I will definitely be back to try more flavors.

Yelp Singapore Elite Party: Finders' Keeper

Keepers Singapore is a pop-up store with no fixed location. They hold events, as well as showcase and retail local designers' creations in their sleek shopfront. The current location is at Orchard Green (junction of Orchard Road and Cairnhill), and it is nearly impossible to miss this stylish abode.

This evening, I was invited to attend Yelp Singapore's Elite Party, held at Keepers. I  RSVP-ed, and found myself at the door of this stark white makeshift building.

There were no familiar faces this evening save for Michelle M, the Community Manager who is always warm, friendly and chatty.

Ok, so the event was held at the outdoorsy area instead of in the shop itself. Upon registration, we were given stickers with our names on it, and a gift pack each. Everyone was cheery and amicable, so we mingled around with the others.

We started with the Daily Juice booth, where they were conducted fresh juice tasting. The guys conducting it were friendly, explaining each flavor and its benefits to us. There were so many different flavors (SGD$7.50 per bottle). One could drink it as a normal drink, or consume about 6 bottles a day as meal replacement / body cleansing.

We tried almost all the flavors - including Beetroot, Berries Banana, Ginger, Wheat Grass etc. Everything was fresh and tasty, and we were told no sugar was added at all. They do delivery as well, or one could self-collect at their office at Telok Kurau.

Then the next booth was Lime Deli (do not confuse with Lime Restaurant at Parkroyal Pickering) serving authenticand exotic Caribbean cuisine. The Curry Lamb was utterly sumptuous - extremely tender, which shocked us, and there was no trace of the lamb odor. The curry was good - fragrant with a suitable punch to the palate. The Jerk Chicken was succulent and smooth as well; the taste was better than teriyaki sauce IMO.

We proceeded inside to create our own cards - *Katherine and I are no artists, so we skipped this and roamed the shop to see if there was anything we could pick up.

There were many differnet types of merchandise for sale here - from unique clothings made of quality materials, to interesting accessories to food items.  Whether one intends to shop for the home or the body, there is something here for everyone, crafted by our own local designers.

Here are more accessories, home decor items and some perfume as well. The goods on display are, as said, unique, hence it was fun to shop here and examining everything. One could also be at ease that no one would own the same piece of merchandise as them...

Anyway, the mingling, shopping and photo-taking concluded the event, and we were off for dinner and drinks on our own.  This coaster and pack of playing cards (all bearing the Yelp brand of course) was in my gift pack. I heard there were luggage tags, etc in the green one, all branded Yelp too.

Thank you Yelp and Keepers, for this enjoyable and entertaining evening!